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Tileset guide
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Tileset guide

I thought this would be useful for the tile editing gude.

In advance map you can change the tile set with the number
Well here is a list of all the numbers and what they are

Note:you put these in header under tileset1 and tileset2

Note: I had my tileset1 0 because when some sets are together
They get glitchy

0=is the basic tile set
1=the one for littleroot (starting town) and the town after it
2=rustboro (city with the school)
3=part of evergrant and dewford tile sets
4=the beach city
5=cycling road & part of a city
6=the cable car and lavaridge town
7=fallarbor (lava color) tile set
8=forest city tile set and the weather spot outside
9=lilycove (giant mart) tile set
10=mossdeep (water city) tile set
11=evergrant (elite 4) tile set
12=pacifidlog town set (the one with houses on water)
13=sootopolis city (the one with white buildings)
14=garbage tiles (a.k.a glitched and black)
15=mart tile set (big and small one)
16=poke center
17=cave's tile set shell cove and ice and normal caves
18=class room tile set
19=Devon corp. tile set 1
20=garbage tiles (a.k.a glitched and partly garbage)
21=golden cave tile set
22=the boat museum
23=black and glitched
24=beach hut
25=flower shop
26=pokemon mating house
27=Devon corp. and aqua research lab
28=power plant and inside the bike shop
29=green cave
30=looks like funky purple colors of tiles
31=looks like funky purple colors of tiles
32=looks like funky purple colors of tiles
33=looks like funky purple colors of tiles
34=looks like funky purple colors of tiles
35=looks like funky purple colors of tiles
36=in the truck
37=buttons and arrows????
38=contest hall's
39=art museum
40=your house
41=prof's lab
42=purple cave & underwater
43=gym fighting gym
44=gym ice gym
45=inside of all houses
46=gambling spot
47=rock gym
48=the gym where it gets brighter when u beat a trainer
49=electric gym
50=fire gym
51=trick house??? And gym psychic
52=odd....yellow things with wood poles
53=gym psychic
54=cabin of boat
55=black again
56=elite 4 rooms
57=battle tower
58=glitch attack! Messed up sprites.......
No more after # 58


00: Main Outside tileset
01: Pallet Town/R1/R21N
02: Viridian City/R2/R22
03: Pewter City/R3
04: Cerulean City/R4/R5/R9/R24/R25
05: Lavender Town/R8/R10/R12/R13/R14
06: Vermilion City/SS Anne Dock/R6/R11
07: Celadon City/R7/R16/R17/R18
08: Fuchisa City/Safari Zone/R15/R19
09: Cinnabar Island/R20/R21S
10: Indigo Plateau/R23
11: Saffron City
12: Main Inside tileset
13: PokeMart
14: PokeCenter
15: Mt Moon/Victory Road/Lost Cave/Three Isle Cave]
17: Pewter Museum/Warden House/Fisherman House(G)/Sophie's House
18: Cable Club rooms
19: Bike Shop-Cerulean
20: Player's House/Other Houses with Kitchen Suite
21: Oak's Lab/Cinnabar Lab/Little Girl House/
22: Fuchisa Gym
23: Viridain Gym
25: Celadon Casino/Game Corner
26: Pewter Gym/Fighting Dojo
27: Cerulean Gym
28: Vermilion Gym
29: Celadon Gym
30: Saffron Gym
31: Cinnabar Gym
32: S.S.Anne
34: Viridian Forest/Symbol Forest
36: Rock Tunnel/Altering Cave
37: Diglett Cave/Tanoby Key
38: Seafoam Islands/Ice Fall Cave
40: Unknown Dungeon
41: Celadon Dept Store
42: Gatehouses/Passage Entrance/Other Houses without Kitchen S
43: Power Plant
44: Bill's Cottage
45: Celadon Hideout/Silph Co/Rocket Warehouse
46: Underground passages
47: Pokemon Tower
48: Safari Zone houses/Safari Zone Gatehouse/RestHouse
49: Cinnabar Mansion
50: Celadon Diner/Celadon Hotel
51: Trainers School/Eevee-Room
52: Mr Fuji's House/PokeFanClub/TrainerFanclub/R5Daycare/I5Daycare
53: Celadon Mansion
54: Robbed Cerulean House
57: Mt Ember Inside/Ember Spa
58: Berry Forest
59: Dotted Hole/Navel Cavern
60: Tanoby Ruins
61: Island 1/2/3/Mt Ember Outside
62: Island 4/5
63: Island 6/7/Birth Island
64: Trainer Tower
65: Sevii Harbor
66: Pokemon League
67: Hall of Fame/Union Room

This tutorial was origanaly posted by Ash2000.I saved him the time and posted this.Credit must be givin if used.

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