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HackerCross Applying
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HackerCross Applying

HackerCross Productions

Welcome to HackerCross Productions. We are currently only hacking Advance ROMs, but if anyone who wants to apply for a osition and his/her specialty is Metal or Color Generation hacking, we will start hacking Metal and/or Color Generation games. Now, to apply, please present the following:

-Generation Hacking Specialty (Advance, Metal or Color)
-Your Field of Hacking
-Proof of Work
-Past Experience

We've gone into the Gaming Business!
Beta Testers are no longer needed.

Head Members:
Marz - Mapper, Text Editor, Basic Tile Editing
Don Patch - Spriter, Mapper

Current Advance Hacking Members:
Renji-San - Mapper
flipboimatidles - Text Editor, Spriter
F.L.Y. - Mapper
Shurikenway - Spriter, Beta Tester
Ash2000 - Beta Tester
dreemXweever - Spriter
xXscytherXx - OW Spriter
Trace - Text Editing
Jake - Various Spriting, Tile Editing
Furanki Pkmn Master - Pokemon Battle Spriting, Music Editing, PokeDex Editing
foofatron - Scripting, Hexadecimal Editing, Text Editing, OverWorld Spriting, Ideas, Tile Editing, Pokemon Battle Spriting, PokeDex Editing, Palette Editing

Current Metal Hacking Members:
xXscytherXx - Spriter, Text Editor, Hexadecimal Editor
Furanki Pkmn Master - Trainer Spriting

Current ROMHacks:
Pokemon Iolite Redone by foofatron
Avatar the Last Airbender by flipboi [On hold]
Pokemon Volcano by Traces3Roms [Thread Coming Soon]
Path of Silver by xXscytherXx & dreemxweever [Thread Coming Soon]

Game Development Members:
Vavavant - Mapper
JakachuyMaps - Mapper

Game Development Projects:
Pokemon Dark Moon - by Vavavant
Pokemon Gale - by Vavavant

Join today!

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03-13-2007 12:20 PM
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