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Full Version: Shop Rules
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These are the rules for making and posting in a Shop

First off, please do not steal someone else's work, they probably worked extremely hard to make that particular piece of art and they probably don't want you stealing it.

Post Rules:
    -As I just mentioned, Do not use people's work without giving credit.
    -This is a request sub-forum. Unless the person asks, do not criticize or suggest.
    -If the person is unable to follow through with your request, move on.
    -Don't ask for something impossible to be made.
    -Give the maker a fair amount of time to make your request.
    -There will be no pornography or any other expicit nonsense made into anything.

Ones that are posting, follow these and we'll be fine.

Thread Rules:
    -Groups may be made to answer requests, but do not get out of hand with them
    -Follow through with the requests in a reasonable amount of time.
    -You have the right to tell anyone you are unable to follow through with their request.
    -Once again, there will be nobody making pornography or explicit material into anything.
    -Please make sure you've got proof of your work. Not only to abide to these rules, but to make people believe in your ability more.

Ones that are making threads, follow these otherwise your thread will be closed.

This thread will now be closed. Please follow these rules as I have taken my time to write them. If you have anything to add, Private Message me.

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